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we strive for a more Dynamic, Enjoyable & Prosperous Future.


Bright Green City is a Social Enterprise dedicated to creating a sustainable food system. We are passionate about local produce, businesses & communities

We formed in 2014 with the vision of making good, local food readily available to everyone

There is an abundance of local growers and producers around but the majority of the time when you buy food at a food establishment your produce has come from over seas or you just don’t know where!

We believe everyone has the right to know where their food comes from

Every year, tonnes of food being grown on smaller and independent farms is wasted for purely cosmetic reasons and because chefs simply don’t know how to source it or company regulations restrict who they can order from

We’ve created a simple system for food establishments to order produce from within a 50 mile radius and we’re dedicated to making sure everyone gets a fair deal

Farms can expand their customer base, restaurants have easy access to great local produce and the public know where their food comes from and that it has been produced ethically.

By buying locally we can massively reduce carbon emissions, encourage growth within the agriculture sector and the economy

Being sustainable is bigger than just shopping local 

It takes a huge amount of produce and energy to run any food establishment, they create a lot of waste and hire a lot of staff

This can often mean they also have a huge carbon footprint

If we don’t act now this damage will be irreparable

A big part of our mission is to channel as much of that energy as we can into doing good

We work with food establishment to create daily and long term practices, energy efficient regimes, waste systems and staff welfare practices that benefit everyone and improve profit margins 


Our time and profits are spent on projects that benefit communities across the world

We are setting up and collaborating with other organisations on projects that improve peoples quality of life from growing produce on the streets for communities to harvest themselves, to developing open source tech for developing countries

Our local and worldwide projects are run by volunteers from all walks of life with different skills and experiences  


Come and join us!



Encouraging businesses to save water, manage waste and be more energy efficient, We streamline your operations and improve your workplace resources



A local & responsible supply chain makes ordering the best produce easy and helps Farms & Growers reach a broader Audience



We love to collaborate with other organizations on projects that benefit local communities and create sustainable lifestyles

Some Facts About the Current Food System

Average food miles traveled per dish in the U.K.
Varieties of apple in the U.K.
Tonnes of food wasted in the U.K. every year

Be the change you wish to see in the world

— Mahatma Gandhi —

Our Services

Our services are delivered by a team with years of experience who are passionate about developing businesses.


We’ve created a simple process for Food Establishments to order and receive Local Produce. We custom build a Price List from Growers within 50 miles of you


What we offer
  • A User Friendly Ordering System
  • Cost Transparency
  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Where & How your Produce was Grown

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We are constantly expanding our Network of local growers and producers and bringing them together to supply the local area with the best possible produce. We are dedicated to reducing food miles and we believe that food grown locally and eaten in it’s natural season tastes far better!

What we offer
  • A platform for Local Producers
  • Expand Your Customer Base
  • Recognition
  • A move towards a fairer,more sustainable economy

Become a Supplier


Working together with your company to improve sustainability and lower your carbon footprint. We specialize in hospitality and the world food system; streamlining operations and improving profit margins

What we offer
  • A concise audit & program of action
  • On-going support
  • Experience
  • Bright Green City Stamp

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